KaiMatcha Premium ceremonial matcha green tea powder 30g can
Ceremonial matcha green tea powder Ceremonial matcha green tea bowl with whisk Ceremonial matcha green tea leaves hand picked Ceremonial matcha green tea leaves shade grown
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KaiMatcha Premium: Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea Powder

30 gram Can (1.06 oz) - Approximately 30 servings

KaiMatcha Premium is the highest quality Matcha produced in Japan. Grown along the river in Uji, Kyoto Japan, the rich and fertile soil helps enhance the deep and mellow taste of our tea.

Shade grown for 30 days before harvest, this results in a much higher chlorophyll and nutritional content than lower quality Matcha teas.

Each leaf is carefully picked by our farmers' skilled hands. Traditional hand picked Matcha tea like ours is rare these days, most Matcha tea leaves are trimmed by machine which results in poor leaf quality and a bitter tasting tea.

After steaming and drying, the leaves undergo the ancient Japanese stone grinding process. It takes 1 hour of grinding to produce enough Matcha powder for one 30 gram can of KaiMatcha Premium.

Price $29.95 USD (30g/1.06oz Can)

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Weight Loss Increases your body's ability to burn fat and calories by 4 times Burn 25% more calories during exercise Gently boosts your metabolism to help burn fat throughout the day Decreases your appetite so you consume less calories in the day Energy Boost Provides a clean, extended energy boost for up to 6 hours Improves your physical endurance by up to 24% No jitters, nervous energy, or upset stomach like coffee Mental Clarity & Focus Contains a unique amino acid called L-Theanine Promotes a sense of well-being, alertness, and relaxation Increases your focus and productivity throughout the day
Nutritional Value Provides an impressive 1,384 ORAC units of antioxidants per serving Contains chlorophyll and fiber to detox and strengthen the body More than 10 times the nutritional value of regular green tea Cancer Fighting Contains a large amount of the cancer-fighter, EGCg Clinically proven to slow the growth of cancer cells and tumours Prevents cancer cells from forming and fights free radicals 137 times the amount of EGCg as a regular cup of green tea Body Booster Provides Vitamin C, Magnesium, Selenium, Chromium and Zinc Boosts immune system to fight bacteria and viruses Lowers your cholestoral and blood sugar levels

Julie lost 10 pounds in 1 month!

"I've never been obese or anything, but I've always had a few extra pounds that I could never quite get rid of. Exercise, diets, weight-loss pills- I tried it all and nothing helped. When I read that KaiMatcha green tea could help me lose weight naturally, I found it hard to believe. However, within two weeks of starting to drink KaiMatcha, I noticed my clothes becoming looser and my thighs beginning to shrink. Now, after about a month of drinking a cup a day of the stuff, I have lost 10 pounds WITHOUT any other changes to my diet or exercise! My friends always say to me, "Julie, you look great! What's your secret?" and I just tell them about KaiMatcha tea, the best natural weight-loss option!"

– Julie Waldon, Seattle, WA

Jill has replaced her morning coffee with KaiMatcha!

"Ever since I replaced my morning coffee with KaiMatcha green tea, I have been more relaxed, focused, and alert during the day. I work in a very repetitive, mundane office and I used to think that I needed a huge mug of coffee filled caffeine just to survive all the meetings and deadlines. However, the coffee always made me jittery and nervous, and I would crash as soon as the caffeine wore off. Luckily, a coworker told me about KaiMatcha green tea, so I did my research and decided to try it- one of the best decisions I've ever made! Now that I drink matcha green tea instead of coffee, my morning cup prepares me for the day by helping me stay calm and organize my thoughts. Best of all, there's no caffeine crash! Thanks, KaiMatcha! "

– Jill O'Neil, Cleveland, OH

Tanya now has enough energy for the whole day!

"Anyone who's ever had a different brand of matcha green tea, and then switched to KaiMatcha premium green tea will tell you exactly what I'm about to tell you. KaiMatcha is better!!! Every aspect of KaiMatcha including the taste, the price, the growing methods - is superior to all other brands. Unlike the cheap supermarket brand I was using before, KaiMatcha isn't bitter or has problems mixing. I love the hearty, veggie taste and the fresh, earthy aroma. If you're looking to try matcha tea, don't even think about another brand! Go for KaiMatcha- you'll be glad you did! The best thing about KaiMatcha is the great boost of energy it gives you! It really does improve my physical endurance throughout the day, and I no longer feel tired and droopy by the afternoon."

– Tanya McLeod, San Antonio, TX

Sasha strengthened her immune system in 3 months!

"My doctor told me that I had a very weak immune system, which meant I could get seriously ill very easily. He said that I could strengthen my system by eating foods and drinks with lots of antioxidants, which build up the immune system and help prevent cancer. That night, I started a Google search to find such foods, and struck a jackpot when I stumbled across KaiMatcha green tea. The tea has TEN TIMES the amount of antioxidants in regular green tea, and way more antioxidants than blueberries, spinach, and all of the foods that are famed for their antioxidant content. Last week, when I went back to my doctor, he told me that my immune system has grown much stronger in the past 3 months, and as a result, I am much healthier. I recommend this miracle tea to everyone."

– Sasha Wallace, Pearl, MS

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About the Product

Q: What is matcha?

A: Matcha is finely ground green tea leaves. KaiMatcha Premium contains the highest quality green tea leaves in all of Japan. Our leaves are shade grown to enhance their flavor and maximize their nutritional benefits.

Q: Why is ceremonial grade the best to drink?

A: The grade of matcha you consume is very important. Our ceremonial grade matcha contains the finest shade grown green tea leaves in the world. They are carefully harvested and hand-picked only once per year. These leaves contain the highest amount of nutrients, antioxidants, and cancer-fighting properties. Lower quality matcha's are referred to as cafe grade, food grade, kitchen grade, cooking grade or "2nd harvest".

Q: What are the benefits of drinking matcha green tea?

A: Benefits include being an amazing source of antioxidants, helps you burn more fat and calories all day long, an extended boost of energy up to 6 hours, focused mind and relaxed body, and a natural cancer-fighter and detoxifier.

Q: What does KaiMatcha Premium taste like?

A: Due to the high quality of our matcha powder, you can simply mix it with water to produce a deep, vegetal taste with a strong, noble aroma. Our matcha has the characteristic "umami", which leaves your mouth with a lingering sweetness that begs for the next sip. KaiMatcha Premium is "ceremonial grade", so it has no astringency or bitter taste like lower quality matcha powders.

Storage and Use

Q: How do I make matcha green tea?

A: Making matcha green tea is very simple. You simply have to bring a cup of water to a slight boil, and then mix it with 0.5 teaspoons of KaiMatcha Premium. Whisk until frothy and then enjoy!

Q: How long will each can last?

A: If you make each serving of matcha green tea using 0.5 teaspoons of KaiMatcha Premium powder you will get approximately 25 servings per can.

Q: If I buy in bulk, how do I store the matcha to keep it fresh?

A: Once you receive your cans of KaiMatcha Premium you can store them in the freezer for up to 1 year. Once a can is opened you can store it in the refridgerator, and try to consume it within 90 days.

Nutritional Value

Q: How many antioxidants are there in each serving?

A: KaiMatcha Premium contains an impressive 1,384 ORAC units of antioxidants per serving. This is 14 times the antioxidants of blueberries, and 10 times the antioxidants of regular green tea!

Q: Does matcha provide any other nutrients of vitamins?

A: Each serving of matcha contains chlorophyll and fiber to detox the body, as well as a range of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, Selenium, Magnesium, Chromium and Zinc to help improve your immune system to fight off bacteria and viruses.

Weight Loss

Q: Because matcha is one of the top fat burners, can I lose weight too quickly with KaiMatcha Premium?

A: Drinking matcha green tea will provide you with steady weight loss results. There are no unwanted side effects and reactions that can sometimes occur with pharmaceutical fat burners. If you find yourself losing weight too quickly, simply reduce your serving size and frequency of drinking KaiMatcha Premium.

Energy Boost

Q: How much caffeine is there in each serving?

A: Each servings of KaiMatcha contains approximately 40mg of caffeine. This is less than 75% of what a cup of coffee contains. The caffeine in KaiMatcha works in conjunction with L-theanine (naturally found in matcha green tea) to provide a comfortable, extended boost of energy that can last up to 6 hours. All that without the jittery, nervous energy and eventual crash you get from coffee.

Mental Clarity & Focus

Q: How does matcha help you to stay focused throughout the day?

A: Matcha green tea powder contains a unique amino acid called as L-Theanine. It has been known to promote a sense of well-being, alertness and relaxation. Combined with the energy boosting properties of matcha, you will find yourself being focused and extremely productive throughout the day.

Cancer Fighting

Q: How does matcha help you fight different types of cancer?

A: Matcha green tea powder contains the property known as EGCg (epigallocatechin gallate). EGCg has been rigourously tested over the years and studies have shown that not only can it slow the growth of deadly cancer cells and tumours, it can help prevent them from forming in the first place. Matcha contains 137 times the amount of EGCg as a regular cup of green tea. Consuming matcha daily can help your body fight cancer and prevent disease.

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