Experience the Many Benefits of Matcha Green Tea...

Lose Weight

Lose Weights with KaiMatcha Green Tea Powder

Nutrients that naturally occur in the green tea leaf act as a mild metabolic stimulant. Drinking KaiMatcha will increase the rate at which your body burns calories, making it possible to slowly melt away fat, even when you aren't exercising. Best of all, because KaiMatcha is 100% natural, you never have to worry about any unwanted side effects.

Get Energized

Get an Energy Boost with KaiMatcha Green Tea Powder

KaiMatcha contains only small levels of caffeine. However, when combined with key nutrients unique to the green tea leaf, you'll feel alert and focused all day long. The caffeine found in green tea leaves attaches itself to larger plant molecules, which results in a "slow release" effect. This provides you with the energy you'd get from coffee, without the sudden drop-off, and eventual crash.

Find Your Zen

Find Your Zen with KaiMatcha Green Tea Powder

Buddhist monks and samurai warriors have historically been large consumers of matcha green tea for many millenia. It is no coincidence that they start every day with a hot cup of matcha tea, as part of their morning rituals. Despite the long-lasting energy boosts it provides, matcha green tea is also known to have a soothing and calming effect on all those that drink it.

Get Your Antioxidants

Get Antioxidants with KaiMatcha Green Tea Powder

The secret to matcha green tea's thousands of years of success is it's nutritional value. KaiMatcha contains ample quantities of antioxidants, amino acids, and other essential phytonutrients your body needs to perform at it's maximum potential. A recent study shows that EGCg, a rare antioxidant that is abundant in matcha green tea, helps your body fight cancer and other diseases.

Why Should You Choose KaiMatcha?

Hand Picked

KaiMatcha Green Tea Leaves are Hand Picked not Machine Picked

All of the green tea leaves that go into KaiMatcha have been picked and trimmed the way they are supposed to be; by hand. In an age of large industrial farms, KaiMatcha is able to provide an otherwise unheard of level of quality, all the way from the cultivation to the harvesting of our matcha green tea.

Shade Grown

KaiMatcha Green Tea Leaves are Shade Grown

All KaiMatcha green tea is shade grown, in line with traditional cultivation techniques of "Tana". Growing tea in this method maximizes the production of chlorophyll, which adds to the vibrant green color that is unique to matcha, as well as its powerful energy boosting and weight loss properties.

Ancient Techniques

KaiMatcha Green Tea Leaves are Stone Ground using Ancient Techniques

When green tea leaves reach a specific level of maturity, skilled tea cultivators then take to the fields to harvest these leaves. These leaves includes the top two leaves, as well as the unopened tea bud, the finest parts of the plant. The leaves are then trimmed and stone ground to create the rich, green powder that is KaiMatcha.

The Birthplace

KaiMatcha Green Tea Leaves are Grown in Uji, Kyoto Japan

KaiMatcha is grown is the ancient city of Kyoto, located in the Uji region of Japan. Not only do you gain from being able to drink tea that comes from the same soil that it was originally grown in centuries ago, but also the experience and heritage in the region that goes into cultivating today's top-of-the-line matcha green tea.

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The taste and benefits of matcha green tea have been enjoyed by others for thousands of years, and now it's your turn! We know that KaiMatcha is the premier ceremonial grade matcha green tea currently available on the market. But we don't expect you to take our word for it. Order your very own tin of KaiMatcha today, and experience the difference for a full 90 days. If KaiMatcha doesn't change everything you thought you knew about tea, just let us know and will issue you a refund immediately, no questions asked.
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